In Just Four Days, Much To Write About: 9/8-9/11


This week's MediaPost TV blogs -- links below.

Stephen Colbert dominated this week’s TV blogs — below.

NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2015 — Stephen Colbert’s debut on the CBS “Late Show” was easily the most attention-getting TV story of the week, although it was an unusually busy four days following the Labor Day weekend. A number of syndicated shows started their new seasons, the NFL kicked off its season, and Ellen DeGeneres visited New York. And then there was Caitlyn Jenner, again.

Read all about it (and them) in my four TV blogs on, with these links …

Tuesday, Sept. 8: After Weeks Of Headlines, It’s Showtime For Colbert

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Louder, Faster, Longer: Colbert Makes His Presence Known In CBS Debut

Thursday, Sept. 10: Cheating Scandals Won’t Deflate NFL’s Position As TV’s Top Draw

Friday, Sept. 11: Wild Week Of TV: Caitlyn, Colbert, ‘The Civil War’ And More

— Adam Buckman

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