‘American Idol’ Returns For One Last Go-Round

This week's TV blogs -- links below.

This week’s TV blogs — links below.


NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2016 — The new midseason arrived this week, with two returning shows — “American Crime” on ABC and “American Idol” on Fox — and two new ones, “Angel From Hell” on CBS and “Shades of Blue” on NBC.

Read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from the past week — including Friday’s blog on how 1990s nostalgia could elect Hillary Clinton — right here:

Monday, Jan. 4: ‘American Crime’ Is Serious Television, But Is That What You Want?

Tuesday, Jan. 5: No Longer A Phenomenon, ‘American Idol’ Heads Toward The Finish Line

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Guardian Angel In New CBS Sitcom Is More Like An Alcoholic Stalker

Thursday, Jan. 7: Stop Or She’ll Shoot! J. Lo Hits The Streets In NBC Cop Show

Friday, Jan. 8: Urkelmania! How ’90s Nostalgia Could Elect Hillary

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