All My 2016 Columns on TV and Politics: Curated



NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2016 — The magic number so far: 33.

That’s how many MediaPost TV blogs I have written in 2016 as of this date, Oct. 20,  on the campaign and the candidates.

The 33 included previews and recaps of all three presidential debates (plus the VP debate on Oct. 4), morning-after commentaries on all eight evenings that comprised the Republican and Democratic national conventions last summer, and a host of other election-related topics at the nexus of politics and television.

All 33 are curated right here. Read them all with the links below. And since this story isn’t over yet, stay tuned — there’s more to come.

Oct. 20: Uncivil Warriors: Final Debate Was A Frosty Face-off

Oct. 19: Had Enough? Embattled Nation Mulls Skipping Third Debate

Oct. 17: In Presidential Puppet Campaign, The Media Pulls The Strings

Oct. 10: TV Shares Blame For This Entire Disgusting Spectacle

Oct. 7: Like Mount Everest, A TV Columnist Covers Politics Because It’s There

Oct. 5: VP Debate Postmortem: Unflappable Pence Won Against Smug Kaine

Oct. 4: VP Debate Preview: Quadrennial Battle Of The Sideshow Bobs

Sept. 30: Secretary Clinton Sees Herself In ‘Madam Secretary’

Sept. 27: Pundits Say Hillary Won, But Was Her Victory Decisive?

Sept. 26: Smell That? It’s Clinton And Trump Going Nose To Nose

Sept. 8: Postmortem On Odd Non-Debate On NBC: So Who Won?

Aug. 26: All Trump, All The Time: Watching TV With Hillary Clinton

Aug. 5: The Greatest Donald Trump Story Ever Told

Aug. 2: Rubbernecking At A Trainwreck: The Donald Brags About His Ratings

July 29: Thrilla In Phila., Day 4: The Coronation Of Hillary

July 28: Thrilla In Phila., Day 3: Dems Put The Party In ‘Political Party’

July 27: Thrilla In Phila., Day 2: Idiotic Celebrities And One Masterful Speaker

July 26: Thrilla In Phila., Day 1: Comedian Wags Finger, Lectures Democrats

July 22: Cleveland Trump Show, Day 4: Candidate Gracelessly Accepts Nomination

July 21: The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 3: As Ted Talked, GOP Lost Cruz Control

July 20: The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 2: Where’s The Showmanship?

July 19: The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 1: Making Special Effects Great Again

July 14:  As Conventions Near, Late-Night Gets Serious About Politics

July 6: Couch Potato-In-Chief: Grazing Around The Dial With Donald Trump

June 17: A TV Star Runs For President: Our Year Of Living Trumpily

June 2: Key Dates To Know As Battle For Presidency Heads Into Summer

May 19: Nobody Really Cared About Megyn Kelly’s Sit-Down With Trump

May 16: Media Should Point Finger At Itself When Explaining Trump’s Rise

May 6: Trump-Clinton Debate Will Be Battle Of The Century

April 28: TV Or Not TV: Trump Was Natural Performer Long Before ‘Apprentice’

Feb. 15: For Would-Be Presidents Day: A Couple Of Things About Trump

Jan. 28: Trump’s Absence Tests Whether Debates Can Thrive Without Him

Jan. 8: Urkelmania! How ’90s Nostalgia Could Elect Hillary

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