Adam Buckman: Celebrity Interviewer

Adam Buckman has conducted scores of interviews with the best-known personalities in television, from the A-list to the Z-list, and everyone in-between:


Buzz Aldrin (Apollo astronaut)

Louie Anderson (comedian, game show host)


Scott Bakula (actor)

Stephen Baldwin (actor, reality-TV star)

Ashleigh Banfield (news anchor)

Bob Barker (game show host)

Roseanne Barr (comedian, sitcom star)

Mario Batali (TV chef)

Bob Beckel (commentator)

Graham Beckel (actor)

The Beekman Boys (reality-TV stars: Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge)

Thom Beers (reality-TV producer)

Joy Behar (comedian, TV personality)

Jim Belushi (actor)

Mayim Bialik (actress)

Paul Blackthorne (actor)

Wolf Blitzer (TV journalist)

Steven Bochco (producer)

Peter Bogdanovich (film director, actor)

Lorraine Bracco (actress)

Brigid Brannagh (actress)

Lillo Brancato (actor)

Andre Braugher (actor)

Billy Bretherton (aka “Billy the Exterminator,” reality-TV star)

Todd Bridges (actor)

Tom Brokaw (news anchor)

Gary Burghoff (actor)

Ken Burns (documentary producer, director)


Scott Campbell (reality-TV star)

Tucker Carlson (talk-show host)

Mary Carillo (sports personality)

Jim Carter (actor)

Dana Carvey (comedian)

Beth Chapman (reality-TV star)

Dwayne “Dog” Chapman (reality-TV star)

Marc Cherry (producer)

Michael Chiklis (actor)

Connie Chung (news anchor)

Andy Cohen (talk-show host)

Glenn Close (actress)

Keith Colburn (reality-TV star)

Harry Connick Jr. (musician, talk-show host)

Robert Conrad (actor)

Anderson Cooper (news anchor)

Bob Costas (sportscaster)

Katie Couric (talk-show host, news anchor)

Jim Cramer (business news personality)

Bryan Cranston (actor)

Walter Cronkite (news anchor)

Mark Cuban (reality-TV star)

Cari Cucksey (reality-TV star)

Whitney Cummings (actress, comedian)

Billy Ray Cyrus (actor, music star)


Rick Dale (reality-TV star)

Patti D’Arbanville (actress)

Charlie Daniels (music star)

Jeff Daniels (actor)

Tony Danza (actor, talk-show host)

Larry David (actor, producer)

Frank Deford (sports journalist)

Ellen Degeneres (comedian, talk-show host)

Tim DeKay (actor)

Bob Denver (actor)

Danny DeVito (actor, producer)

Phil Donahue (talk-show host)

Vincent D’Onofrio (actor)

Tony Dow (actor)

Morton Downey Jr. (talk-show host)

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (reality-TV stars)

Lena Dunham (producer, writer, director)

Robert Duvall (actor)


Carmen Electra (reality-TV star)

Mablean Ephraim (TV judge)


David Faber (news correspondent)

Barbara Feldon (actress)

Colin Ferguson (actor)

Craig Ferguson (late-night host)

Mark Feuerstein (actor)

Tina Fey (writer, producer, actress)

Fionnula Flanagan (actress)

Greyson Fletcher (actor)

Jodi Flynn (reality-TV producer)

Jon Frankel (TV sports journalist)

Al Franken (writer, producer, actor)

Joe Franklin (talk-show host)

Dennis Franz (actor)

Jo Frost (reality-TV star)


Joe Garagiola (sports personality)

Richard Gere (actor)

Kathie Lee Gifford (talk-show host)

Walton Goggins (actor)

Les Gold (reality-TV star)

Bernie Goldberg (TV journalist)

Whoopi Goldberg (comedian, actress, talk-show host)

Fred Grandy (actor, U.S. congressman)

Tom Green (comedian)

Merv Griffin (producer)

Charles Grodin (talk-show host)

Bryant Gumbel (TV personality)

Tim Gunn (reality-TV star)

Dierdre Gurney (reality-TV producer)


Michael C. Hall (actor)

Jared Harris (actor)

David Hartman (talk-show host)

Paul Harvey (radio personality)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (TV personality)

David Hasselhoff (actor)

Simon Helberg (actor)

Sherman Hemsley (actor)

Don Hewitt (news producer)

Dennis Hopper (actor)

D.L. Hughley (comedian)


Ice Cube (actor, producer)

Gregory Itzin (actor)


T.D. Jakes (minister, talk-show host)

Dennis James (game-show host)

Kevin James (comedian, sitcom star)

Richard Jeni (comedian)

Ken Jennings (quiz-show champion)

Peter Jennings (news anchor)


Kim Kardashian (reality-TV star)

Alex Karpovsky (actor)

Casey Kasem (radio personality)

Bob Keeshan (childrens’ TV personality)

Toby Keith (music star)

Ellie Kemper (actress)

Carolyn Kepcher (reality-TV star)

Nancy Kerrigan (Olympic skater)

Irrfan Khan (actor)

Craig Kilborn (late-night host)

Angela Kinsey (actress)

Jemima Kirke (actress)

Jack Klugman (actor)

Heidi Klum (reality-TV star)

Christopher Knight (actor)

Jenji Kohan (producer)

Ted Koppel (news anchor)

Tim Kring (producer)


Emeril Lagasse (TV chef)

Jay Leno (comedian, late-night host)

David Letterman (comedian, late-night host)

Lisa Ling (TV journalist)

Prof. James Lipton (talk-show host)

Roger Lodge (TV personality)

Phyllis Logan (actress)

Robert Loggia (actor)

Louis Lombardi (actor)

Chuck Lorre (producer)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (actress)

Tina Louise (actress)


Gavin MacLeod (actor)

Norm Macdonald (comedian)

Adoni Maropis (actor)

Jerry Mathers (actor)

Danny McBride (actor, producer)

Cynthia McFadden (news personality)

Gerald McRaney (actor)

Lee Mendelson (producer)

Lorne Michaels (producer)

Bette Midler (entertainer)

David Milch (writer, producer)

Dennis Miller (comedian)

Don Mischer (producer)

Mr. T (actor)

Mo’Nique (actress, comedian, talk-show host)

Emily Mortimer (actress)

Mother Love (talk-show host)

Megan Mullally (actress, talk-show host)


Dave Navarro (reality-TV star)

Kevin Nealon (comedian, actor)

Elliot Neese (reality-TV star)

Bob Newhart (comedian)


Conan O’Brien (late-night host)

Rosie O’Donnell (comedian, talk-show host)

Bill O’Reilly (talk-show host)

Gary Owens (radio personality)


Joe Pantoliano (actor)

Tom Papa (comedian)

Sarah Paulson (actress)

Alexandra Pelosi (documentary filmmaker)

Bill Persky (sitcom writer, producer)

Regis Philbin (talk-show host)

Frieda Pinto (actress)

Oliver Platt (actor)

Ellen Pompeo (actress)

Maury Povich (talk-show host)


Colin Quinn (comedian)


Andrew Rannells (actor)

Sally Jessy Raphael (talk-show host)

Dan Rather (news anchor)

Ving Rhames (actor)

Andy Richter (late-night personality, actor)

Don Rickles (comedian)

Geraldo Rivera (news personality, talk-show host)

Joan Rivers (comedian)

Doris Roberts (actress)

Willie Robertson (reality-TV star)

Ann Robinson (game-show host)

Rick Rockwell (reality-TV star)

Fred Rogers (childrens’ TV personality)

Ray Romano (actor, producer, comedian, sitcom star)

Andy Rooney (news personality)

Charlie Rose (talk-show host)

Mike Royce (producer)

Richie Russek (reality-TV star)


Bob Saget (actor, comedian)

SallyAnn Salsano (reality-TV producer)

Joe Santos (actor)

Diane Sawyer (news anchor)

Bob Schieffer (news anchor)

Dr. Laura Schlessinger (talk-show host)

Drew and Jonathan Scott (reality-TV stars)

Ryan Seacrest (reality-TV personality)

Kyra Sedgwick (actress)

Jerry Seinfeld (comedian, sitcom star)

Tony Shalhoub (actor)

William Shatner (actor)

Cybill Shepherd (actress)

Sherri Shepherd (TV personality)

Egypt Sherrod (reality-TV star)

Richard Simmons (Personal fitness personality)

Sinbad (comedian)

Arthur Smith (reality-TV producer)

Hedrick Smith (news correspondent)

Will Smith (actor)

JB Smoove (comedian)

Dee Snider (music star)

Tom Snyder (TV interviewer)

Aaron Sorkin (writer, producer)

James Spader (actor)

Jerry Springer (talk-show host)

David Steinberg (comedian, sitcom director)

Martha Stewart (talk-show host)

Anthony Sullivan (infomercial pitch man)

Wanda Sykes (comedian)


Mike Teutel (reality-TV star)

Paul Teutel Jr. (reality-TV star)

Paul Teutel Sr. (reality-TV star)

Peter Tolan (producer)

Calvin Trillin (writer)

Verne Troyer (actor, reality-TV star)

Donald Trump (reality-TV star)

Stanley Tucci (actor)



Charles Van Doren (quiz-show scandal figure)

Frank Vincent (actor)

Jesse Ventura (entertainer, politician)

Arnold Vosloo (actor)


Mike Wallace (news personality)

Matt Walsh (actor)

Barbara Walters (news personality)

Mia Wasikowska (actress)

Max Weinberg (late-night bandleader)

Betty White (actress)

Jaleel White (actor)

Barry Williams (actor)

Brian Williams (news anchor)

Michael Kenneth Williams (actor)

Steve Wilkos (talk-show host)

Wilson Phillips (singing group: Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson)

Rainn Wilson (actor)

Oprah Winfrey (producer, talk-show host)

Terence Winter (writer, producer)

Tim Winter (activist)

Mike Wolfe (reality-TV star)

Bob Woodruff (news personality)

Chuck Woolery (game-show host)




Andrew Zimmern (TV food personality)


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