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In TV Season’s Dog Days, A Column About A Puppy

August 29, 2016
Paws for a moment or two to read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from last week.

Paws for a moment to read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from last week.


NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2016 — When the Olympics ended Aug. 21 on NBC, the dog days of the summer TV season arrived the next day, leaving a TV columnist to depend heavily on his imagination to get him through last week’s five TV blogs.

The results included two reviews (yes, two new shows actually premiered this week), a look at the Ryan Lochte mess and NBC’s role in it, a column about a puppy, and a peek inside the mind of Hillary Clinton as she watches TV. How’d these ideas turn out? You be the judge: Read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from last week with these links:

Monday, Aug. 22: Don’t Blame Billy Bush For Believing Lochte’s Lies

Tuesday, Aug. 23: ‘Golden Guys’: NBC Launches Travel Show With Celebrity Codgers

Wednesday, Aug. 24: On Wings Of LeBron, Cleveland Angel Investors Take Up Residence At CNBC

Thursday, Aug. 25: Imagine Using A Cute Puppy Just To Attract Attention

Friday, Aug. 26: All Trump, All The Time: Watching TV With Hillary Clinton

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