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It Makes Ya Wanna Scream: This Week’s TV Blogs

October 2, 2015
From "Scream Queens" (Abigail Breslin, upper left) to "Dr. Ken" (Ken Jeong, bottom), here are this week's MediaPost TV blogs -- links below.

From “Scream Queens” (Abigail Breslin, upper left) to “Dr. Ken” (Ken Jeong, bottom), here are this week’s MediaPost TV blogs — links below.

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2015 — The new fall television season continued with new prime-time shows, a new “Daily Show” host and a new way of spinning the ratings results.  I covered it all this week in my five TV blogs for Follow the links, right here:

Monday, Sept. 28: ‘Scream Queens’ Was DOA, Then Suddenly Alive, Thanks to ‘Plus 3’ Ratings

Tuesday, Sept. 29: Noah’s Arc: From Bad To Worse In ‘Daily Show’ Debut

Wednesday, Sept. 30: ‘Code Black’ On CBS: Stressed-Out Docs In World’s Worst ER

Thursday, Oct. 1: ‘Blacklist’ Tries To Turn New York Into D.C., But The Attempt Fails

Friday, Oct. 2: Doctor Turned Actor Plays Ill-Tempered MD Who’s A Real Pill

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