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David Brenner: ‘Cool dude’ with a shag haircut

March 18, 2014
David Brenner with Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show."

David Brenner with Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show.”


NEW YORK, March 18, 2014 — The obituaries and tributes following the news of David Brenner’s death last weekend all made mention of his generosity toward other comedians.

Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn

One comedian who admired Brenner was Colin Quinn, who brought up Brenner’s name when I interviewed Quinn in 2011 in advance of Quinn’s then-upcoming special on HBO titled “Long Story Short.”

“Who are your favorite comics? Who influenced your comedy?” I asked Quinn during our interview conducted in a small office at HBO in Manhattan.

“I hate to be the cliché, but it was Richard Pryor, George Carlin. I mean, those are the big influences.  And then I remember David Brenner,” Quinn said.

“When I was probably in my early teens, David Brenner was on ‘The Tonight Show’ and he had a brown leather jacket, open shirt down to here, gold chains and a shag haircut and I was like, Wow, a comedian can be like a sexy, cool dude and still be funny!”

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