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More Stories from NY’s Upfront/NewFront Season

May 11, 2016


Nine more upfronts and newfronts: Top: Outdoor Sportsman Group, ION; second row: Nielsen, Hulu; third row: Ellen Digital Network, BuzzFeed; fourth row: Time Inc., Newsy; bottom: TruTV.

Nine more upfronts and newfronts: Top: Outdoor Sportsman Group, ION; second row: Nielsen, Hulu; third row: Ellen Digital Network, BuzzFeed; fourth row: Time Inc., Newsy; bottom: TruTV.


NEW YORK, May 11, 2016 — Catch up with my coverage of the New York Upfronts and NewFronts from the last two weeks with these links:

April 28, Outdoor Sportsman Group: Outdoor Channel Seeks To Broaden Its Appeal This Upfront Season

April 29, ION Media Networks: ION’s Upfront Strategy: Deliver On Ratings, Earn Advertisers’ Trust

May 3, Nielsen: Nielsen Research Sheds Light On ‘Live’ Vs. Delayed Viewing

May 4, Hulu: Hulu’s Upfront Message: Think Of Us As TV, But ‘TV Redefined’

May 5, Ellen Digital Network: Ellen DeGeneres Dives Into Digital With Original Content Network

May 5, BuzzFeed, Hulu, Ellen Digital Network: Cold Coffee And A Giant Bug: Notes From This Week’s NewFronts

May 5, Time Inc.: Time Inc. NewFront Unveils New OTT Service, Expanded Video Offerings

May 10, Newsy: Newsy NewFront Presents 3 New Shows, Touts Multiplatform Reach

May 10, TruTV: TruTV Beefs Up Programming, Reduces Commercials For Upfront


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In Just Four Days, Much To Write About: 9/8-9/11

September 11, 2015


This week's MediaPost TV blogs -- links below.

Stephen Colbert dominated this week’s TV blogs — below.

NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2015 — Stephen Colbert’s debut on the CBS “Late Show” was easily the most attention-getting TV story of the week, although it was an unusually busy four days following the Labor Day weekend. A number of syndicated shows started their new seasons, the NFL kicked off its season, and Ellen DeGeneres visited New York. And then there was Caitlyn Jenner, again.

Read all about it (and them) in my four TV blogs on, with these links …

Tuesday, Sept. 8: After Weeks Of Headlines, It’s Showtime For Colbert

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Louder, Faster, Longer: Colbert Makes His Presence Known In CBS Debut

Thursday, Sept. 10: Cheating Scandals Won’t Deflate NFL’s Position As TV’s Top Draw

Friday, Sept. 11: Wild Week Of TV: Caitlyn, Colbert, ‘The Civil War’ And More

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Week in Review: This Week’s MediaPost Rundown

March 20, 2015
ALL THIS MORE: Photos from this week's MediaPost columns -- links below.

ALL THIS AND MORE: Photos from this week’s MediaPost columns — links below.

NEW YORK, March 20, 2015 — In case you missed this week’s output of columns on, here they are — just click on the headlines below:

This weeks’ topics:

Monday, March 16: Obama on ‘Kimmel’: Entertainer In Chief Was A Regular Riot

Tuesday, March 17: ‘One Big Happy’ Review: ‘Happy’ Daze: New NBC Sitcom Is One Big Mess

Wednesday, March 18: ‘7 Little Johnstons’: Reality Show About Seven Dwarfs Proves Anything Is Possible On TV

Thursday, March 19: David Letterman’s Farewell Is Fast Approaching, But Where’s The Excitement?

Friday, March 20: Changes Mulled At MSNBC As Audience Yawns, Then Disappears

— Adam Buckman

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Fallon in 2011: I’ll take over when Jay’s ready

March 29, 2013
Jimmy Fallon ponders the possibility of replacing Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."

Jimmy Fallon ponders the possibility of replacing Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.”


NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 — Jimmy Fallon said two years ago he’d “love” to host “The Tonight Show,” but only when Jay Leno “is ready” to hand over the reins.

Fallon said it on Ellen DeGeneres’  talk show in March 2011.  It was a time, much like the present day, when stories were circulating that NBC was grooming Fallon to take over “The Tonight Show.”

“If they offered that to you, would you go into that time slot?” Ellen asked Fallon, who first gave a less-than-serious answer.

“Letterman did [NBC’s “Late Night”] and then he went to CBS,” Fallon said.  “Then Conan did [it] and he’s at TBS.  So I think if there’s a lesson to be learned, if you do this, you’re guaranteed not to host ‘The Tonight Show’!”

Turning serious, Fallon said, “Of course, I’d love to do it whenever Jay’s ready, if Jay wants to retire.”


Leno jokes: ‘Young’ Jay will replace ‘old’ Dave

Move ‘The Tonight Show’ to NYC? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Why bring this up? Simply because it can be instructive sometimes to comb through the archives for instances where history repeats itself.  As far as I can tell, that round of stories about Fallon replacing Leno originated in December 2010 with a New York Post story that reported Fallon was even then being eyed to take over for Jay.

Granted, the stories back then were less specific than the stories circulating now that say Fallon’s “Tonight Show” takeover is, for all intents and purposes, a done deal — with Fallon set to replace Leno in summer 2014, after Jay gets a final “farewell” season starting in September.

Read our COMPLETE timeline of all of Jay’s jokes about NBC and late-night TV since March 11 — right HERE

In addition, it’s always interesting to go back to past statements — like the ones Fallon made that day on “Ellen” — to assess their relevance in light of more recent events.  Certainly, Fallon’s assertion then that he would “love” taking over “The Tonight Show” only if and when Leno is ready to retire may have been wholly sincere.

But the fact is, all the recent stories about NBC’s Fallon-Leno replacement plan (which the network has yet to confirm) indicate that Leno is not “ready” nor is he thinking about retirement.  Instead, NBC is expected to force the issue by not renewing his contract when it expires next year.

And in response, Leno’s been defiantly fighting back as only he knows how — by skewering his network with monologue jokes almost nightly for the better part of three weeks.

So, how does Fallon feel today about taking over “The Tonight Show” at a time when Leno, by all appearances, does not seem “ready” to retire?  Fallon has made no comment this time around like the ones he made on “Ellen” two years ago.

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