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Hot Summer Blogs: From ‘Mr. Robot’ to ‘Fargo’

July 16, 2016
From "Mr. Robot" to "Fargo" and the Emmy nominations, here are this week's MediaPost TV blogs.

Here are this week’s MediaPost TV blogs — links below!


NEW YORK, July 16, 2016 — The week started with a look ahead to the second-season premiere of “Mr. Robot” on USA Network and ended with a look at this year’s Emmy nominations announced Thursday — of which “Mr. Robot” received six. Read all of my MediaPost TV blogs from the past five days, right here:

Monday, July 11: No Easy Answers As ‘Mr. Robot’ Returns For Season Two

Tuesday, July 12: Obnoxious ‘White House’ Doc Reveals How First Families Live Like Royalty

Wednesday, July 13: Characters Have Many Vices, No Principles In HBO’s ‘Vice Principals’

Thursday, July 14: As Conventions Near, Late-Night Gets Serious About Politics

Friday, July 15: Thank You, Networks, For Tallying Your Emmy Nominations So I Don’t Have To

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‘Dancing’ to ‘Fargo’: This Week’s MediaPost Blogs

November 28, 2015
Presenting this week's MediaPost TV blogs: Read 'em all with the links, below.

Presenting this week’s MediaPost TV blogs: Read ’em all with the links, below.


NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2015 — The MediaPost TV blog ranged widely this Thanksgiving week from outer space (“The Expanse”) to the high plains (“Fargo”). Read all four of this week’s blogs, right here:

Monday, Nov. 23: Space Show’s Online, VOD Premiere Is The Stuff Of Science Fiction

Tuesday, Nov. 24: Hey, P.R. People, Could You At Least Spell The Star’s Name Right?

Wednesday, Nov. 25: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And The Triumph Of Uplifting TV

Friday, Nov. 27: Seven Episodes Into Season Two, ‘Fargo’ Is TV Storytelling At Its Best

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‘Fargo’ Is Year’s Best Show: This Week’s TV Blogs

October 16, 2015
From 'Fargo' to Trump: Presenting this week's MediaPost TV blogs -- links below.

From ‘Fargo’ to Trump: Presenting this week’s MediaPost TV blogs — links below.

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2015 — I’m usually much too jaded to declare a TV show to be “the best” of anything, but the new “Fargo” on FX was an exception this week — the best show I’ve seen so far this year. I reviewed the premiere on Monday, then previewed adman Donny Deutsch’s new sitcom (it didn’t fare as well), critiqued ABC Family’s name-change to Freeform, reviewed a new NBC sitcom and weighed in on Donald Trump. Read all five of this week’s MediaPost TV blogs, with these links:

Monday, Oct. 12: Extraordinary ‘Fargo’ Makes Case For Best Show Of The Year

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Adman Turns Sitcom Star: First Look At Deutsch’s New Show ‘Donny!’

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Anatomy Of A Name Change: ABC Family Goes ‘Freeform’

Thursday, Oct. 15: ‘Truth Be Told’: New NBC Sitcom Is The Bland Leading The Bland

Friday, Oct. 16: Trump On ‘SNL’: His Whole Life Is A Satire

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