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‘Supergirl’ Is Not Invincible: This Week’s TV Blogs

November 20, 2015
This week's MediaPost TV blogs.

This week’s MediaPost TV blogs.


NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2015 — From “Supergirl” to Johnny Carson, this week’s TV blogs were an illustration of the constant variety of subjects available to a TV columnist.

Also covered: The arrival of a quality new show, “Chicago Med” on NBC, and the cancellation of one of the worst shows in recent memory, “Wicked City” on ABC. And, about that televised 500-mile train trip on Thanksgiving …

Read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from the past week, with these links:

Monday, Nov. 16: Great Caesar’s Ghost! ‘Supergirl’ Has Lost A Third Of Its Audience

Tuesday, Nov. 17: El Of A Premiere: ‘Chicago Med’ Charges Out Of The Starting Gate

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Anatomy Of A Cancellation: Hunk Of Junk Deserved To Go

Thursday, Nov. 19: In New Publicity Approach, Cable Net Touts Show As ‘Snoozefest’

Friday, Nov. 20: Classic Carson Shows Are Coming Back, But Will Anybody Watch?

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From Homerzilla to Supergirl: This Week’s Blogs

October 24, 2015
Wide World of TV: This week's MediaPost TV blogs: (top) Homerzilla, "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris"; (middle) "Supergirl," IBM's Watson on "Jeopardy!"; and (bottom) "Wicked City," the worst new show of the fall season. Read them all with the links below.

Wide World of TV: This week’s MediaPost TV blogs: (top) Homerzilla, “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris”; (middle) “Supergirl,” IBM’s Watson on “Jeopardy!”; and (bottom) “Wicked City,” the worst new show of the fall season. Links to all five blogs, below.

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2015 — A supermonster, a superheroine and a supercomputer headlined this week’s MediaPost TV blogs.

The week began with Homer Simpson as Godzilla in the 26th annual “Simpsons” Halloween special airing this Sunday night. Wednesday brought a review of next week’s premiere of “Supergirl” on CBS. And Thursday’s blog revisited the three-day battle of IBM’s Watson against humankind on “Jeopardy!” in 2011.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s blog reported on the mediocre ratings for NBC’s big fall variety show “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris.” And the week ended with a review of “Wicked City” on ABC — the worst new show of the fall season.

Read them all with these links:

Monday, Oct. 19: Homer As Godzilla In ‘Simpsons’ 26th Halloween Special

Tuesday, Oct. 20: Harris Gives It His All, But ‘Best Time Ever’ Ratings Are Elusive

Wednesday, Oct. 21: Plucky ‘Supergirl’ Dons Miniskirt And Tights To Save Television

Thursday, Oct. 22: Resistance Is Futile: When Watson Conquered Mankind On ‘Jeopardy!’

Friday, Oct. 23: ABC’s Worthless ‘Wicked City’ Should Be Tossed On TV’s Junk Pile

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