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Petitions Pack No Punch: This Week’s TV Blogs

November 6, 2015
This week's TV blog topics: Raven-Symone, Donald Trump, "Star Trek," "Wheel of Fortune," "Angie Tribeca." Read them all below.

This week’s TV blog topics: Raven-Symone, Donald Trump, “Star Trek,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Angie Tribeca.” Read them all below.

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2015 — Protest petitions took center stage this week as Donald Trump prepared to guest-host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Petitioners sought to have his invitation rescinded but by midday Friday, this effort was unsuccessful.

Elsewhere in TV Land, CBS announced a new “Star Trek” series, “Wheel of Fortune” kept on spinning and TBS attempted to announce a launch plan for a new comedy series — “Angie Tribeca” — but issued a press release that was incomprehensible.

Behold: This week’s MediaPost TV blogs — follow the links, right here:

Monday, Nov. 2: Web Site Provides Protest Platform To Petty Petitioners

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Latino Protests Can’t Stop Trump On ‘SNL’

Wednesday, Nov. 4: With ‘Star Trek’ Gamble, CBS Explores Bold New Paywall Plan

Thursday, Nov. 5: TV’s Happy Place: Never-Ending ‘Wheel’ Goes ‘Round And ‘Round

Friday, Nov. 6: Advice To Publicists: Avoid Comedic Press Releases

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Tragedy In Local TV News Dominates Week

August 28, 2015
Sad week in TV: Read all five of my MediaPost blogs from the past week, right here (below).

Sad week in TV: Read all five of my MediaPost blogs from the past week, right here (below).

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2015 — This week’s TV blogs gravitated from summer leisure — a mid-August tour of QVC’s mammoth studio complex in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania — to a summer tragedy: The on-air killing of two young local TV newspeople in Roanoke, Va., on Wednesday. This week of MediaPost TV blogs concluded with two columns on that subject — the first about the trust and affection TV stations and their newspeople engender in markets large and small across the Unites States, and the second about videotaped violence and how, thanks to the Internet, it’s here to stay.

Read these posts, plus one post on Stephen Colbert and another on yet another shakeup at “The View,” with these links:

Monday, Aug. 24: A Tour Of QVC: Inside TV’s Mecca Of Selling

Tuesday, Aug. 25: Oh No! Stephen Colbert Intends To Actually Interview People

Wednesday, Aug. 26: Table Gets Crowded As ‘The View’ Sets New Lineup Of Co-Hosts

Thursday, Aug. 27: In Places Like Roanoke, Local TV Newspeople Are Like Family

Friday, Aug. 28: Violence On Video: It is The World We Live In

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TV Blog Digest: All Five Of This Week’s Posts

July 10, 2015
From ancient times to the recent past: Read this week's TV blogs, below.

From ancient times to the recent past: Read this week’s TV blogs, below.

NEW YORK, July 10, 2015 — From the ancient world of the Bible to the first decade of the 21st century, this week’s MediaPost TV blogs ran the gamut from TV’s biblical epics on NBC and ABC to National Geographic Channel’s latest “decade” documentary, “The 2000s.” In between: the return of “Ray Donovan” on Showtime, a look at the continuing woes of “The View” and Hillary Clinton’s interview on CNN. Read all five of this week’s MediaPost TV blogs with these links:

Monday, July 6: Bible Gets Thumped As Networks Slam Brakes On Ol’ Time Religion

Tuesday, July 7: His Name Is Ray, But He’s No Ray Of Sunshine

Wednesday, July 8: ‘The View’ From Here: ABC Show Has Fallen Off The Pop-Culture Radar

Thursday, July 9: Let’s Get Serious: CNN Played Softball With Hillary Clinton

Friday, July 10: What Were We Thinking? NatGeo Sorts Out ‘The 2000s’

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Now at The nation’s best TV blog

February 4, 2015
BY ADAM BUCKMAN: All this and more -- only at

BY ADAM BUCKMAN: All this and more — only at

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2015: Thank you for visiting, but if you are wondering why the output here has been sporadic, wonder no more: I am writing everyday for Television News Daily / as the site’s daily TV columnist.

Click HERE for immediate access to my MediaPost archives — just shy of 100 TV columns produced daily since last September on every TV-related subject under the sun, including the six shown in the pictures above and much, much more.

— Adam Buckman

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Good riddance, 2013: My TV year in review

December 11, 2013
With highlights like this, who needs to remember 2013? Bill Maher compared Donald Trump to an orangutan and the feud Maher ignited lasted most of the year.

With highlights like this, who needs to remember 2013? Bill Maher compared Donald Trump to an orangutan and the feud Maher ignited lasted most of the year.


NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2013 — It was one of the strangest years in my long personal history on the TV beat.

Looking back in search of the year’s highlights, I find mostly lowlights.

With a few notable exceptions, the TV stories I covered that drew our attention in 2013 were either contentious and crude or irrelevant and trivial.

Falling into the former category: Alec Baldwin becoming embroiled in at least three controversies over slurs (two homophobic and one racial) he probably uttered (and then denied) in confrontations with reporters and photographers who doorstepped him outside his New York apartment house.

Plus, at least two incidents in which TV personalities flipped each other the bird on TV: David Letterman flourishing his middle digit at guest Rob Lowe in October, and Savannah Guthrie doing the same to Matt Lauer when he made some stupid comment about her unfamiliarity with a vacuum cleaner on “The Today Show.”

Here’s a request: Hey, you television people, how about dialing down the crass behavior in 2014?  Yeah, like that’ll ever happen.

Monkey see, monkey do: Justin Bieber and capuchin monkey (inset).

Monkey see, monkey do: Justin Bieber and capuchin monkey (inset).

On the trivial side: The late-night hosts joked for the better part of a week about Justin Bieber having his monkey confiscated in Germany; they spent a month (or more) doing jokes about twerking and Miley Cyrus; and the entire year joking about Chris Christie’s weight.

Sharon Osbourne revealed she had a fling long ago with Jay Leno; rotund comic Louie Anderson was somehow persuaded to participate in the ABC diving-competition show called “Splash”; Hollywood heavyweight Jeff Garlin went after some guy’s Mercedes in an L.A. parking dispute; and the year’s most talked-about TV movie was “Sharknado.”

Everyone lied about Steve Carell returning for the series finale of “The Office” (they said he wouldn’t, and then he did).  Barbara Walters lied (seemingly) about her retirement (she said she wouldn’t, but then she announced she would) and about Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving “The View” (Walters said Elisabeth wouldn’t be leaving and then Elisabeth left).

My favorite story of the year? Probably the feud Bill Maher ignited with Donald Trump when Maher comedically likened Trump’s orange hair to the fur of an orangutan.   The “feud” continued through at least three-quarters of the year, and I got five stories out of it stretching from January to September — here, here, here, here and here.

It was a year of sad news: Cory Monteith of “Glee” fatally overdosing at age 31, and James Gandolfini suddenly dying too, at age 51 — not that I ever met or knew either of them.

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

I am, or was, acquainted with Casey Kasem, and the stories emanating from his household this year about his relatives fighting over access to him while he suffers from what seems like a grave illness were also sad.  Though it’s been years since I last talked to him, I have always thought of him as one of the finest people I have ever come across in the broadcasting business.

The biggest ongoing story of 2013 was one that will be continued this coming February: The changes in late-night TV.  The ball got rolling last January when Jimmy Kimmel moved to 11:35 p.m. on ABC, followed by the announcement later in the year that Jay Leno would relinquish “The Tonight Show” to Jimmy Fallon.

Prediction: Fallon will do about as well as Conan O’Brien (if he’s lucky), although it’s not as likely that Jay Leno will come back this time.

A&E cancelled “Hoarders.”  And “Breaking Bad” had a series finale that everyone knew deep down was wholly implausible, and yet the “critics” gushed about it anyway.

I wrote slightly more than 600 stories in 2013, appeared on TV three times, and did six radio interviews — all on WOR in New York and five of them on “The Joan Hamburg Show,” which next year will be banished to weekends.  Alas.

I made two appearances in public, moderating seminars put on by the Center for Communication in New York.  Our panel of reality-TV execs from four cable channels last March was enlivened when a female questioner from our audience stepped up to the microphone we set up near the seats and, without hesitation, removed her shirt.  It was another first for me …

I met few celebrities and interviewed even fewer in 2013.  One exception was Lena Dunham, who was focused, intelligent and shrewd — a very good interview subject — when I met her at HBO last January.  I still don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of “Girls,” however.

In July, I came to the realization that I have spent 30 years on the TV beat when I came across my first bylined TV story, a Q&A by phone with Joan Rivers, published on July 25, 1983, in the now-defunct trade newspaper called Broadcast Week.

I still cannot decide if this was a milestone worth celebrating.

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Check out these stories on

April 1, 2013
Clockwise from upper left: Craig Ferguson on "The Tonight Show"; J.R's funeral on "Dallas"; Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman, Howard Stern; Barbara Walters, Ted Danson on "CSI"; Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and the "View" mess; Kim Kardashian on "The Tonight Show." (Photos: NBC, TNT, Getty, CBS, ABC)

Clockwise from upper left: Craig Ferguson on “The Tonight Show”; J.R’s funeral on “Dallas”; Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman, Howard Stern; Barbara Walters, Ted Danson on “CSI”; Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and the “View” mess; Kim Kardashian on “The Tonight Show.” (Photos: NBC, TNT, Getty, CBS, ABC)


NEW YORK, April 1, 2013 — Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of television — that’s our mission, whether it be here on or here, at

And while we’ve been focusing rather narrowly on the Jay Leno-Jimmy Fallon story here on TV Howl for the last week or so, we’ve ranged a bit wider on the Xfinity site — just in case you haven’t yet formed the habit of checking out the work there.

So, in case you missed ’em, please take a moment to check out these Xfinity posts: Leno, Ferguson Discuss Late-Night TV as Tensions Rise at NBC; TNT’s Mourning Glory: Stars Turn Out for J.R.’s ‘Dallas’ Funeral; Lindsay Lohan To Keep Date With Dave, Despite Rehab; Howard Stern Says He’s ‘Insulted’ By Talk He’ll Replace Fallon; Barbara Walters ‘Denies’ Retirement Rumors; CBS Renews ‘CSI’ for Season 14; Entire Cast Returning; TV’s Top Two Battlegrounds: What’s Next for Leno, ‘The View’; Kim Tells Leno: Media, Chelsea Handler are Bullying Her.

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