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‘Fargo’ Is Year’s Best Show: This Week’s TV Blogs

October 16, 2015
From 'Fargo' to Trump: Presenting this week's MediaPost TV blogs -- links below.

From ‘Fargo’ to Trump: Presenting this week’s MediaPost TV blogs — links below.

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2015 — I’m usually much too jaded to declare a TV show to be “the best” of anything, but the new “Fargo” on FX was an exception this week — the best show I’ve seen so far this year. I reviewed the premiere on Monday, then previewed adman Donny Deutsch’s new sitcom (it didn’t fare as well), critiqued ABC Family’s name-change to Freeform, reviewed a new NBC sitcom and weighed in on Donald Trump. Read all five of this week’s MediaPost TV blogs, with these links:

Monday, Oct. 12: Extraordinary ‘Fargo’ Makes Case For Best Show Of The Year

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Adman Turns Sitcom Star: First Look At Deutsch’s New Show ‘Donny!’

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Anatomy Of A Name Change: ABC Family Goes ‘Freeform’

Thursday, Oct. 15: ‘Truth Be Told’: New NBC Sitcom Is The Bland Leading The Bland

Friday, Oct. 16: Trump On ‘SNL’: His Whole Life Is A Satire

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