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Wide World of TV: This Week’s MediaPost Blogs

August 14, 2015
From "Monday Night Football" in the 1970s to "Sesame Street" in the present day, here are this week's MediaPost TV blogs written by TV Howl's Adam Buckman. Follow the links, below.

From “Monday Night Football” in the 1970s to “Sesame Street” in the present day, here are this week’s MediaPost TV blogs written by TV Howl’s Adam Buckman. Follow the links, below.

NEW YORK, Aug. 14, 2015 — This week’s TV blogs began and ended with columns about television institutions whose histories stretched back more than 40 years — to an era that was much different than today’s. The week’s blogs started with a look at the phenomenon of “Monday Night Football” in the early 1970s, following the death last Sunday of Frank Gifford. The week ended with a blog post about the stunning move of “Sesame Street” — a PBS staple since its inception in 1969 — to HBO, an unlikely, if not unimaginable, destination for this kiddie TV show.

In between: A review of a new docuseries on CNBC about sports agents (“The Agent”), a column cheering on a Florida news anchor who rebelled against reporting yet another story about the Kardashian family, and a post praising Jon Voight, who is giving TV’s best performance this summer in “Ray Donovan.”

Read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from this week with the links, below.

Monday, Aug. 10: Gifford’s Death Revives Memories Of TV In A Much Different Era

Tuesday, Aug. 11: Esquire Sports Agent Series Sheds Light On Real-Life Jerry Maguires

Wednesday, Aug. 12: Hooray For Local TV News Anchor’s One-Man Kardashian Protest

Thursday, Aug. 13: ‘Ray Donovan’ Actor Is Giving TV’s Best Performance Right Now

Friday, Aug. 14: What? HBO Picked Up ‘Sesame Street’? How Is This Possible?

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