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Late Summer TV Blogs Are Typically Eclectic

September 2, 2016
Five summer days, five TV blogs -- read all five below.

Five summer days, five TV blogs — read all five below.


NEW YORK, Sept. 2, 2016 — The final week in August is one of the most difficult weeks of the year to come up with ideas for TV columns. The end result is usually eclectic, and this week’s lineup was no different.

Read all five of my MediaPost TV blogs from the past week with these links:

Monday, Aug. 29: Seven Simple Rules For Writing TV Reviews

Tuesday, Aug. 30: Discovery Miniseries Tells Swashbuckling Story Of Harley-Davidson

Wednesday, Aug. 31: Twenty Years After Her Murder, TV Is Still Exploiting JonBenet

Thursday, Sept. 1: CNBC Documentary Might Be The Best 9/11 Show This Year

Friday, Sept. 2: Hey, Ladies, What Do You Think Of This ‘Bull’ Billboard?

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