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‘2000s’ Newsmakers Convene for NatGeo Panel

July 13, 2015

NEW YORK, July 13, 2015 — Five newsmakers from the tumultuous decade of the 2000s came together on stage last week to talk about their stories and promote the new documentary in which they all appear — “The 2000s: A New Reality.”

The four-hour, two part doc premiered Sunday, July 12, on National Geographic Channel.  Part Two airs Monday night (July 13.

On hand were: Donato Dalrymple, the south Florida resident who gained fame as the man who plucked the young Cuban refugee, 6 year-old Elian Gonzalez, from the waters near Miami in 2000; Andy Grignon, part of the development team at Apple who created the iPhone; John Keller, ex-U.S. marine who saved lives during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; Richard Hatch, famed winner of the first season of “Survivor” on CBS in summer 2000; and Sherron Watkins, brave whistleblower who told the world about the Enron mess.

Also on the panel: Jane Root, executive producer of “The 2000s,” and me, Adam Buckman, who moderated this incredible, wide-ranging discussion held July 8 at the Paley Center for Media in New York.

Watch the whole thing, above.

— Adam Buckman

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TV Blog Digest: All Five Of This Week’s Posts

July 10, 2015
From ancient times to the recent past: Read this week's TV blogs, below.

From ancient times to the recent past: Read this week’s TV blogs, below.

NEW YORK, July 10, 2015 — From the ancient world of the Bible to the first decade of the 21st century, this week’s MediaPost TV blogs ran the gamut from TV’s biblical epics on NBC and ABC to National Geographic Channel’s latest “decade” documentary, “The 2000s.” In between: the return of “Ray Donovan” on Showtime, a look at the continuing woes of “The View” and Hillary Clinton’s interview on CNN. Read all five of this week’s MediaPost TV blogs with these links:

Monday, July 6: Bible Gets Thumped As Networks Slam Brakes On Ol’ Time Religion

Tuesday, July 7: His Name Is Ray, But He’s No Ray Of Sunshine

Wednesday, July 8: ‘The View’ From Here: ABC Show Has Fallen Off The Pop-Culture Radar

Thursday, July 9: Let’s Get Serious: CNN Played Softball With Hillary Clinton

Friday, July 10: What Were We Thinking? NatGeo Sorts Out ‘The 2000s’

— Adam Buckman

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